Summer Editorial

Design by Akiko Kuwahata


There's nothing like the use of natural material for its texture and beauty to create functional accessible products for daily life.  And that's just the approach to design that Japanese born Denmark-based Akiko Kuwahata undertakes to create furniture and objects. Plus she uses one of my favorite materials for its warmth and texture-wood! She uses this versatile material to create beautiful utilitarian objects for every day.

According to Akiko:
"I design and produce high-quality utilitarian objects in wood with a goal of promoting the interest in using well-made wooden products in our everyday lives. I mainly work in wood, and when I am creating something new and striving to find the right shape, It is essential for me to explore the potentials of the material. Therefore I have to engage hands-on with the wood. I strive to make all my products irresistible and pleasant to touch."

Photos from Akiko Kuwahata
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