Summer Editorial

Textile Love: Rugs from Fenton & Fenton


Photos by Armelle Habib

Winter grey and snow may still be around in some areas of the country. And spring can't come soon enough. So the Dhurrie rug series from Melbourne based store Fenton & Fenton, discovered via Design Files,maybe the answer to the winter blues. Loving the vivid colors and patterns serving as a backdrop for all the playful pieces in a cozy home. Just what we need-a pop of color surrounding us!

Cold Picnic Watches-restocked


Just in!We're excited to showcase Cold Picnic's ever popular watches with new styles now available.
They're simple, classic and sleek with an element of modern chic. The color of the leather only gets better with age. I wear mine pretty much every day and the color is developing a rich patina. So check out these new beauties-whether you're in the mood for a smaller faced watch or a larger statement making one, it's so hard to choose.

Fashion Love: Thursday, Sunday


Although it's late, this post had to be on a Thursday. Hey, it's only fitting right?Thursday may be associated with the "almost Friday" excitement and happy hour plans,  while Sunday is a day of rest coupled with the dread of the upcoming workweek. But together, the name represents the Melbourne-based clothing label, Thursday Sunday, launched in the summer of 2009 by two friends, Iris Cuaresma and Mara Tonetti. Their collection blends classic sensibility with a modern and fresh design aesthetic. Our friends from down under may be transitioning to fall, but we can still enjoy the simple yet beautiful pieces from the Spring/Summer collection.

New Arrivals: Kerrie Yeung Jewelry


small signet and bar ring now available
Just in!We're so excited to add Kerrie Yeung's lovely jewelry to our shop!Her modern interpretation of the classic signet ring and faceted bar ring are great additions to your collection of everyday favorites. The faceted ball necklace and earrings are simple and beautiful. These earrings are the answer to my search for the ultimate everyday studs to wear. All the pieces are classic with a touch of modern elegance that are perfect for everyday!

Designers Talk Love on Valentine's Day



Happy Valentine's Day! We're so happy to work with so many talented designers who are passionate and craft the most beautiful pieces to share with all of us. In the midst of their busy schedule creating such lovely products,they somehow manage to balance work, love and family. I had the pleasure of asking some of our designers about love and their favorite way to spend time with their loved ones.

John and Arounna via

Love is...respect, support and patience.

A favorite date night is one spent with just the two of us (no kids) and a quiet meal at our favorite restaurant. We currently love going to Hapa Izakaya on College Street in Toronto.

Peter, Pheobe and their dog Philipp

Cold Picnic

Love is.... our dog Philip-the first dog either of us have ever had. We're a little obsessed with him! But he's a good example of love, because he loves us unconditionally and sets a good example to follow.
A favorite Valentine's Day date...this memory is bittersweet, because it involves our favorite restaurant, Taiwan Cafe, which is over 200 miles away in Boston. One year we went and ordered every single one of our favorite dishes - spicy beef and long horned peppers, spicy salty calamari and a bunch more. Not very romantic, since we ate so much we could barely move or speak. But memorable, and definitely a favorite.


Rob and Ellen Truijen
 Ellen Truijen
Love.... cannot be expressed in words... : )

My favorite date night with Rob would be the two of us, no kids...a relaxed dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, riding our bikes through the city, then seeing if we might pop into a pub and finishing up with a beautiful whiskey. 


Victoria Bekerman
 Love is... freeing. The greatest feeling is when you find that person that accepts and loves you the way you are. The funny part is that it makes you feel so free that you don't want to go anywhere else...and you just want to stay next to that person!

My favorite moments are those that feel very intimate and personal. It could be just a conversation,  peeking at the way my husband looks at me or walking next to him with both our hands in his jacket on a cold day. Those little little moments make me very happy!


Thank you so much to our wonderful designers who graciously shared about love and their favorite moments with their special someone. As a true romantic myself, I am inspired by love stories. As my motto goes: "Love Life....Live to Love!" On that note, I wish you all the love today and everyday. 

{Images courtesy of the designers}

Perfect Pairing: All That Red


Since the color most associated with Valentine's Day (and my favorite accent color!) is red, it's only fitting to highlight this lovely pair that add just the right amount of statement-making pop to any ensemble. Everyone should have one red leather clutch or bag in their collection. This pochette by Manufacture des rigoles is a beautiful piece that is flexible and portable. Featuring an option for cross body wear, it is great for day time when you're traveling light and transforms to a clutch for a night out. And who can resist this gorgeous Trois Petits Points large enameled locket necklace?A sweet accent for any outfit, especially for Valentine's Day!

Perfect Pairing: Tea Towel + Corked Bottle


The theme of the perfect pairing continues with Valentine's Day already next week. And we find them even in our home wares collection. I love how the color and linear elements of the Vitrified Studio corked bottle and Studio Patro Eat Tea towel perfectly go together. They compliment each other not only for the design aesthetic, but for their use in the kitchen. The bottle can hold the spices needed for meal prep while the handy tea towel can be used during the clean up. Yup, just helping out the cook in all of us at each stage of the process. I've always said some of the best things in life are "good food and good company". And of course the message says it all, one of the best ways to share our love with others:EAT!

New Arrival: Aoko Su Jewelry


Designed by Ashley Jerman
We're excited to add the new jewelry line, Aoko Su, to our shop. This beautiful collection is designed by Virginia-based Ashley Jerman. Her creations are influenced by her interest in Japanese culture, design and architecture. Drawing inspiration from the diverse places she's lived in and her natural environment, she blends modern simplicity with raw natural elements. I love the raw elegance of the Herkimer Diamond ring. Plus the crystals are mined by Ashley herself in New York! Her creations embody minimalist design, yet they add just the right amount of accent to make a statement. I'm ready to wear those stunning earrings!

{Model Images courtesy of Aoko Su}

Textile Love: Quilts by Meg Callahan


Caddo Quilt photos by Walker Robins
These museum worthy quilts by Providence-based designer, Meg Callahan,combine beautiful textile design with function. I would love to wrap myself up in these pieces....although for the price, they may have to stay up on the wall as a piece of art. Just lovely!

Message on a Friday


Happy Friday!Love this message taken at one of our new Italian restaurant find at home (sorry for the grainy look-taken by phone). While I'll leave out the analysis of Fellini's movies (I Vitelloni-one my faves), I do love this little quote. One of those magical moments that come to mind, and maybe a once in a lifetime experience, was witnessing a school of dolphins feeding in the wild during a whale watching trip. It was great to see the tail of a whale, but I was moved by the dolphins racing our boat and seeing at least 50 of them doing their flips and feeding in the wild. As far as pasta, I still dream about going back and tasting the simply prepared yet best pasta I've ever eaten. Tucked at the end of a side street in the quaint Italian town of Montepulciano is this restaurant (wish I had the name) serving up the best tasting pumpkin ravioli. Another not to be missed treat is their local wine, the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. What are your favorite pastas or magical moments? Hope you have one this weekend!

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