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Perfect Pairing: Clutch + Bag


Since Valentine's Day is a couple of weeks, the theme of perfect pairings seems to be a wonderful way to showcase certain pieces that are just great together. Whether they compliment or perfectly accent each other (hmmm sounds like a foundation for a relationship...), these pieces just seem to go together.  You know when you just see a couple that just seems in sync with each other. Okay enough of the analogy, but the Erin Templeton Girl Friday Clutch and Ellen Truijen 36 hours bag seem to be  that perfect pair.  They will get you through from work to a night out or a wonderful weekend getaway (Valentine's weekend getaway maybe?).

During the week, the clutch doubles as an IPAD case that can be thrown right in the 36 hrs bag, a versatile work or everyday bag. You'll have access to this clutch just in time for that happy hour that you sometimes need after work or a dinner date.  For the weekend, the 36 hrs bag is a great overnighter carryall while the clutch can hold some of your loose travel items such as make up and jewelry. More perfect pairings to come!

Fashion Love: Mizuiro-Ind


Even though the colorful spring and resort collections are already coming out in full swing in many shops, I'm all about comfort and warmth this time of year. I adore the whole fall/winter collection from Japanese clothing line Mizuiro-Ind photographed by Anne-Claire Rohe. The line is designed by Minako Kawahara and produced by Mothers Industry Co. Ltd. in Osaka, Japan. Love the classic down to earth tailoring and fabrics...especially their sweaters and that blue coat. Aah, my dream toggle coat!

New Arrivals: Hanging Plant Holders


It may be the middle of winter for some us and springtime can't come soon enough, but we can still enjoy some colorful blooms now.  These lovely hanging creations are great options to showcase and hang little flower arrangements and succulents. They're perfect near a window!

1) Little Hanging Ceramic Vase by Shino Takeda 2) Hanging Terrarium by Cold Picnic

Open House: Interior Design by Nickey Kehoe


 When I was growing up, I went to a lot of open houses with my family. With a love for real estate, I've seen many homes in the Los Angeles area with various styles of architecture and design. Whether Spanish Mediterranean, English Tudor, Modern Mid Century or Craftsman style name it I've seen it. We've moved a lot of times, let's just say it's beyond what you can count with your fingers. My friends have said that they measured how long they've known me by the number of homes we've lived in rather than the years. While I now reside in a different city (yes another move), I still enjoy getting a glimpse of homes from around the globe with only a click away. Even though my adopted city is located in a beautiful setting, I do miss my hometown. With all the stereotypical reasons to be annoyed with LA (traffic, too trendy Hollywood type folks, smog alert), I've only grown more fond of it since I've been away for a few years. It's great to see the transformations happening in several areas from Eagle Rock to Venice Beach.  So it's only fitting that I pay homage and feature a home from the City of Angels. I love the cozy interior of this Venice Beach residence photographed by Amy Neunsigner and designed by LA-based residential and commercial design firm/shop Nickey Kehoe. Love their furniture collection!

Winter Sale: New Sale Items


Happy Friday! Our Winter Sale continues with new sale items added-including jewelry by Naoko Ogawa, Trois Petits Points, Marine De Diesbach and Victoria Bekerman. And the lovely totes, pochettes and cases by Manufacture des Rigoles are also discounted. There's a limited stock of Ellen Truijen's bags available until the spring time arrival, so grab some gorgeous pieces-now on sale like the adorable small Matroesjka bag. 

Design Function: To Catch, Hold and Store Items


Bookhou Field Storage Box
Linen Bread Bag
laundry basket
Fabric Bucket

Felted Basket
For the new year, there's always an intent to purge, clean and organize. While there are the practical yet monochromatic boring plastic bins that come in all sizes out there, I'm somehow drawn to explore other means to hide my mess. Enter the lovely options of fabric containers. And what better way to combine the beauty of textile prints with functionality to catch and store all the loose items, clutter, bits and bobs around the house. I love Bookhou's textile prints (available in our shop) and my little textile storage holds all the little items around my workspace while looking oh so pretty.

Simplicity for the New Year


Rather than having a list of resolutions for the new year out there (ok won't even try to put the usual weight loss or work out regimen on that list again), I'm approaching the new year with more of a theme, intention or philosophy that can help guide my actions and experiences. And while I like to think I'm generally a down to earth simple person though flashes of quirkiness and neuroses may sometimes come out, the simple act of striving for simplicity seems a lot harder than it presents. Though I like to think life is simple and I find beauty in simple things around me, the reality is life can be complicated.

We are sometimes confronted with more to do lists than we can actually do (sorry this is not a post on mastering multitasking!), more wants or needs, along with things that happen that are just out of our control. Throw in more sensory information like visual or auditory inputs coming at us from all different sources, whether from the internet, social media platforms (ok I know you're reading another long post), TV or our immediate surroundings. It can sometimes be hard to filter out all these stimuli in order to "just be" be content, at peace, to experience and enjoy the simple things around us and in life. This may mean different things to different people. But a way to apply this at least for me, is to just make a conscious effort to stop, unplug (okay will try to walk away from the computer now) and "be"....because as we all know, time just seems to go faster as we get older. And "where did last year go?" seems to be the typical question for the new year. So whether it is mastering the art or even science of simplicity,applying this approach in my relationships and life means going back to basics by stopping and experiencing the simple things and moments of the every day. Okay, I'm sounding a little sappy...but could it really be that simple?

Image via

Illustrations by Emma Leonard


Ethereal, feminine and visually stunning describe the work by the talented Melbourne based illustrator/artist Emma Leonard. Combining traditional media such as watercolor, pencil and ink along with digital techniques, she produces art with a primary focus on females and emotional themes. Through the facial expressions and eyes of her images,one is drawn to the mystery or emotional state of her subjects. She has produced art works for clients, but some of my favorites are her personal work.Her beautiful illustrations are available here. Enjoy her lovely work!

Feminine + Beautiful Design: Edeline Lee


Remember those memories or dreams of playing dress up when you were a little girl?Except now you actually discover and have access to the most beautiful feminine dresses. I instantly fell in love with the textiles and tailoring of the creative designs by London based Canadian Edeline Lee. There are times when I just want a break from my easy going casual outfit-jeans and comfy cardigans (yes it does get cold in Southern Cal!) and don the prettiest dresses. Would've loved to have worn one of these for a New Year Eve's party. That's if we actually went out but opted for a mellow night instead. No sequins or sparkly ensemble for me! I'm drawn to the understated simplicity and silhouettes of these dresses that perfectly balance the contemporary spirit with the style of days gone by. Her designs feature precised and flattering cuts with just the right amount of detailing that beckon a special night out while easily wearable for the day time. Plus she managed to incorporate one of my favorite shades of blue...and what about those shoes? Aaah pure loveliness!

{First 3 photos by Eisaku Minakata/Courtesy of Edeline Lee via Vogue }
{Last 4 images of some of my favorite dresses from her Spring/Summer 2013 line via }

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