Summer Editorial

Ceramic Arrivals: OUI Candles & Shino Takeda



Whether you're in the mood for monochromatic black and white or pretty pastel colors, new ceramics have arrived in our shop.We're happy to present the lovely speckled ceramic candles from OUI, a line of soy candles created by Angela Hodgkinson using safe and sustainable materials. We've also restocked Shino Takeda's pretty ceramics like her ever popular ceramic hanging vase.

Design by Paul Loebach


I'm super excited to come across the amazing spectrum of work by New York-based furniture designer Paul Loebach. After graduating with a degree in industrial design from the Rhode Island School of Design, he established his design studio in New York. Inspired by classic design elements such as the American Shaker style, he blends classic traditional styles and craftsmanship with contemporary design and modern innovation. Combining geometric forms and curved features (check out the details on the legs of the table!), I love the range of work he produces from furniture, home accessories, and I'm especially drawn to the light fixtures.

As he states about his work via:  “I’m interested in design for the basic purpose of giving objects meaning. Design is a structured language that holds a balance between the continuity of recognizable imagery, and the poetic shift of innovation as we adapt objects to our changing lifestyles. The future of design is an embodiment of the profoundly human need to structure our environment as a reflection of ourselves.”

All images via Paul Loebach

Time for a Picnic


Must pack yummy sandwich and lemonade
something sweet
Who knew it's International Picnic Day today? Thanks to Christina of Studio Patro for letting me know. It's just an informal day of celebrating a great meal outdoors. I've been meaning to post about picnics since our glimpse of a Pop-up Picnic while walking at Sunset Cliffs. I didn't mean to stare at the couple but hey there's been so many pop-up things goin' was an interesting idea and another option for those special occasions. It inspired me to go on a picnic, but I prefer a more low key, grab and go, "flop down on the beach" type of picnic. There's also been so many beautiful images of picnics and dining alfresco in Pinterest that I had to share. While the picnic basket is adorable, I much prefer a backpack especially for trekking to a Hollywood Bowl concert. Here are some more fun facts about picnics via Foodimentary. And some of our picks from our shop for a picnic: throw / tea towel / storage basket / linen tote   Enjoy your day and maybe this will inspire you to dine alfresco or have a picnic. Well, if you're still at work, maybe even eat outside! Mangia!
Picnics: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Essentials : Backpack / Basket
Food: 1 / 2 / 3

Fashion Love: Month of Sundays


I'm swooning over the spring/summer and fall collections by Finnish Label Month of Sundays. This beautiful line of clothing and accessories was launched on autumn/winter 2011/12  by designer sisters Milla and Iina Kettunen. Who can resist the simplicity of form and details in their designs? From the clean lines, the way the fabric falls and simple color palette...amazing! I love that they used my favorite color blue as the background in their photos as well. Their design aesthetic is also consistent in the beautifully made bags and small leather goods they produce.

On a side note, it's funny somehow I found another line with the day of the week in the name. Remember my Thursday/Sunday post?

Images via Month of Sundays

Flyin' Friday!


 Happy Friday!This week "flew" by again like always and looking forward to enjoying this weekend with family to celebrate Father's Day with my Dad.  Since my last name means "wings" (hence the name "Vuela"), I'm always drawn to flying images especially birds. It's also a symbolic about our parents' guidance and love in giving us "wings" to soar and fly in our journey of life.  So maybe this is the start of "Flyin' Fridays" where I get to share images in flight. Have a wonderful Father's Day weekend with your loved ones!

Textile Love: Rugs, rugs, rugs!


via Design Sponge
via Apartment Therapy
via Love Nordic Design
via My Scandinavian Home

viaWabi Sabi Blog
via Yvonne Kone
via Design Files
via San Francisco Girl by Bay blog
Loving all the textures, colors and patterns of all these rugs I've come across the net lately. Whether they're kilims, boucherouite or dhurrie rugs, they add a pop of color and just ground the space. And they're worthy of accenting not just the space beneath our feet, but they make great wall accents as well. I can picture some of them as tapestries or wall hangings. And what about those colors perfectly framing those shoes? Just lovely!

New Arrivals: Totes by Margarete Hausler


Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Just in time for the summer season, the beautiful tote bags from Berlin-based Margarete Hausler have arrived! Margarete Hausler creates a collection of fashion and home accessories using natural and eco-friendly materials. Handcrafted in Berlin, each piece is stunning for the simplicity and craftsmanship. Featuring linen and leather, these lovely hand-painted totes are lightweight yet crafted to hold your essentials for your trek locally or next getaway vacation. They easily fold and are ready to pack making them ideal for trips to the local market, beach or outdoor bazaar.

The Great Outdoors: Design by Palomba Serafini Associati


With summer season upon us, there's more time for lounging outside. We've definitely had our share of heat wave here in Southern Cal already.  I was thrilled to come across the designs by Palomba Serafini Associati. Based in Milan, talented architects and designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba  founded their company in 1994 and have garnered multiple design awards since they created their design studio.  While they've developed residential architecture, interiors and yachts, they've also designed a range of furniture, kitchen/bathroom fixtures and lighting. I'm especially loving the mini pool and outdoor collection they've created.  Aptly named the Zen line, featuring clean lines, white neutral palettes balanced with the warmth of wood, this collection is calling my the Italians call it "reposo"...aah some relaxation time outdoors. And their saying comes to mind, "il dolce far niente", the sweetness of doing nothing. I couldn't agree more!

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