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Textile Love: Woven Tapestries by Maryanne Moodie


I'm thrilled to discover the beautiful textile work by Brooklyn-based Australian maker Maryanne Moodie. Utilizing the traditional craft of weaving, her gorgeous woven tapestries have been featured in many design blogs from Design Files to Design Sponge. I may be little late in the game, but nevertheless in awe of her inspiring work in creating such beautiful wall hangings. She started this endeavor in 2010 as a creative outlet in Melbourne and relocated to Brooklyn in 2013. 

"Her woven tapestries reference contemporary art, couture, architecture and her nostalgia of days gone by with new and surprising results."

All images via Maryanne Moodie 

Fashion Love: Kaarem


I definitely go through phases in terms of style and clothing. While I do love feminine prints for the warm season, there's nothing like a block of color in a neutral palette. I'm all about comfort and ease especially in this heat. The easy fit of a tunic is always a go-to shape for me. So I was thrilled to come across the stunning collection by emerging Vietnamese label Kaarem with its classic colors and minimalist loose-fitting shapes. Most of the materials are polyester, but the line has achieved an air of  modern elegance for the clean lines and basic colors, accented with thoughtful details in terms of folds and silhouettes. They're closet staples that somehow balance comfortable shapes with structured silhouettes-yes, a tunic dress with a modern edge! I just want to wear all the pieces that somehow complement each other.
all photos from Kaarem

Studio Visit: Woodlark



What I love about having our shop besides showcasing beautiful creations is actually getting to know the talented people behind the products. It's always a treat for me to meet the makers and see the creative space where their ideas and inspirations become a reality.

And seeing the material or medium used to execute the vision, I have such appreciation for the maker's craft and process-in this case, the versatile material of leather. A local treasured find (right in our own backyard in the LA area!), a studio visit with stunning leather goods line, Woodlark, was a must when I went home. Ashley,the designer and maker behind the line, graciously welcomed us to her lovely studio where her commitment to quality materials, simple understated design and meticulous attention to details translate to beautiful utilitarian well-crafted leather goods. The Woodlark clutches have been been a shop favorite and only get better with age. And we're happy to add her sweet little leather trays for rings or other lil' treasures to Vuela!

And she's a wonderful photographer as well, check out her beautiful Instagram feed-one of my favorites!

Thank you so much Ashley for the wonderful studio visit! It was a pleasure to meet and chat with you.

Design by Akiko Kuwahata


There's nothing like the use of natural material for its texture and beauty to create functional accessible products for daily life.  And that's just the approach to design that Japanese born Denmark-based Akiko Kuwahata undertakes to create furniture and objects. Plus she uses one of my favorite materials for its warmth and texture-wood! She uses this versatile material to create beautiful utilitarian objects for every day.

According to Akiko:
"I design and produce high-quality utilitarian objects in wood with a goal of promoting the interest in using well-made wooden products in our everyday lives. I mainly work in wood, and when I am creating something new and striving to find the right shape, It is essential for me to explore the potentials of the material. Therefore I have to engage hands-on with the wood. I strive to make all my products irresistible and pleasant to touch."

Photos from Akiko Kuwahata
Last image via

New Arrivals: Tarin Thomas Jewelry



We're delighted to now offer the New York-based jewelry line Tarin Thomas including our collaboration with jewelry designer Kylie Nakao. I was looking for jewelry featuring beautiful stones to add to our shop and was drawn to her use of beautifully cut stones in classic settings and precious metals. Featuring a timeless minimalist design yet with a modern sophisticated edge, her stunning versatile rings are perfect for stacking. And I'm enamored with the pieces she's created just for our shop-classic feminine stud earrings with the same cuts and settings her jewelry is known for. They're ideal for everyday wear and pieces you won't want to take off. Just lovely!

Designer + Lookbook photos courtesy of Tarin Thomas

Design Love: Ensomono



I always love to discover new design and creations and was thrilled to have Fabian introduce me to his amazing collection of beautifully designed objects, Ensomono. Working with amazing skilled craftsmen throughout Europe, Belgian designer Fabian Franzen founded this design label in 2012. Enso means "circle", mono means "object" in Japanese language or is associated with "one" or single"  in most Western languages. The brand name reflects the Japanese approach and aesthetic of the objects as well as the unique qualities of the pieces.

According to brand: "Ensomono recognizes that everything is connected in one way or another. This is what the recurring circle of ensomono represents: going full circle in terms of linking the past and the present, materials and techniques, designers and makers, to finally connect people of different backgrounds and places through contemporary craftsmanship."

This sense of unity is also maintained on a different level: within ensomono each individual is equally important, and even though most artisans are used to working silently in the background, they are now given a more appropriate place as part of the process."

Utilizing quality materials, pure simple forms, as well as outstanding craftsmanship from the joint efforts of artisans throughout Europe, Ensomono fuses traditional craftsmanship and modern processes to bring us a timeless collection of contemporary objects. Just want to collect all these pieces!

All images from Ensomono

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