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Just in: Trois Petits Points Lockets


All the prettiness are back!Whether soft pastels or pretty reds, these treasured Trois Petits Points enameled lockets make great gifts for Mother's Day.  And with the onset of wedding season, they're also ideal as bridesmaids gifts. Or maybe as a little treat for yourself to hold a special keepsake.

Ellen Truijen Bags: New Spring/Summer Collection


We're completely enamored and excited (as always!) with Ellen Truijen's new Spring/Summer Collection. We have a great selection of her styles from her basics to her new small leather goods collection. And they come in neutral colors and brights, especially loving her new venture into vivid colors like the gorgeous poppy red. Featuring different sizes, gorgeous quality leather varieties and her signature functional details (dual interchangeable straps), these bags are meant to be out of their dust bags and onto your arms...trusted companions in your daily trek or while globe trotting. And finally, a chic alternative to a fanny pack, the Hipster Bag! Hands-free flexibility makes this an ideal choice for travel.

Toddler Bag / Hipster Bag/ Fox Glove Ipad Case/4 Ways Bag/ Little Bits

Photography by Brooke Holme


Whether photos of interiors, food, nature or people, I love the beautiful styling and images captured by Melbourne-based photographer Brook Holm. I want to jump right into the images and be part of that moment she took these photos like sitting in the chair surrounded by color, tasting that yummy fruit cake, and of course this last image...aaah pure bliss.

Images by Brooke Holm

Textile Love: Weavings by Ben Baretto


There's no doubt I love textiles. Whether you wear, use, carry, wrap, or hang them, the options are endless for the beauty, textures and functionality of textiles. And of course as an art form-one can truly appreciate the design as well as the process in producing beautiful weaves like the wall hangings by Los Angeles based artist, Ben Baretto.

Travel: Road Trip to Sedona and Grand Canyon


Sedona, Arizona

Happy Friday!Just wanted to share some images from our spring break road trip last week. It was high time to visit one of the natural wonders of the world,the Grand Canyon!Plus we have no excuse since it's in our neighboring state, and this time of the year is a great time as far as weather goes.  It was already hot in the 80s, so I can only imagine in the summer how hot it can be. It's great to see the southwest, but we needed to break up the long road trip from San Diego with a stopover at Phoenix. A beautiful side trip was to the beautiful town of Sedona with its red rocks and so called energy vortex. Then the road trip continued for another couple of hours up to the southern rim of the Grand Canyon. While I love to be in nature, my tolerance for long hikes is quite minimal especially in the heat and high elevation (yes the top of the canyon is almost 7000 feet!).  Like many tourists visiting this amazing natural wonder, we enjoyed the magnificent views and grand vistas from the lookout (no hikes or mule rides for me).  For someone opting out of  roughin' it from actually trekking around the canyon, there is the restful brunch option at the historic El Tovar hotel. Warning the plate portions are just as grand at the restaurant here! And what beautiful textiles at the gallery near by.  Whether you're staying locally or goin' on a weekend adventure (a roadtrip maybe?), enjoy your weekend!

Ellen Truijen Mommy Dearest and Sweet Granny Bags Re-Stocked


I always get super excited (and want to keep 'em all!) when I receive Ellen Truijen's new collection of bags-not just for the visual gratification of seeing her bags in person, but for the tactile experience of actually feeling the different textures of the quality leather she uses in each collection. We've restocked Ellen Truijen's gorgeous versatile bags: the Mommy Dearest Bag and Sweet Granny Bag-now available in new colors and textures. Featuring simple silhouettes and beautiful leather varieties along with her signature functional details, these bags are crafted to keep up with you on your daily trek or travel to your next favorite destination. Stay tune for her new styles in fresh new colors and styles!

Designer Interview Part 2: Travel Tips from Milena Silvano


Italian-born and UK-based designer, Milena Silvano, has shared wonderful things about her native country and her current home. We're fortunate to get travel tips for one of my favorite places in the world (Italia!) and a city I've yet to visit...London. 

You are currently based in rural England. What are "must see" things or "must do" for those visiting England, near your hometown or Italy?
I was born in Naples, but I left the south of Italy when I was very young. This year I’m hoping to go back and visit Positano and particularly il Vallone del Porto, a protected area that Gianni Menichetti (Vali Myers life-long partner) calls the ‘Wild Canyon’.

Positano, Italy via
Vallone del Porto via
What are off the beat path local hangouts? Favorite neighborhoods, parks, etc.?
I am now based in East Sussex, but I lived in London for 15 years.My favourite area of London is the east end: Hackney, Clapton etc. It is residential enough to have a villagey feel while also offering lots of nice cafes and boutiques. I used to go to hackney marshes for a jog alongside the canal,  and drink coffee from Venetia’s on Chatsworth road. And if you’re looking for a stylish but low key place to stay, I recommend Russel’s of Clapton B&B.

Hackney Marshes via
Favorite places to shop-boutiques or outdoor markets:
Donlon for books and boutiques HUB and 69b on Broadway Market (market on the Saturday).

Hub Shop
Donlon Books via

Favorite places to eat or type of food:
Turkish, in Dalston.

Easy day trips from London or your home-cool places to see right outside the city:
Charleston Farmhouse
Wakehurst Place via

I know you’ve traveled to India, any suggestions? What are some of your favorite places you’ve visited? Where would you like to travel next?
Not work-related but I would love to spend some time in Auroville, in the Tamil Nadu region.

Milena at the Delhi Lotus Temple

It's been a pleasure getting to know Milena and learning about these amazing destinations. All these has fired up the free spirit and wanderlust in me....makes me want to pack up my bags and go globe trekkin' again!Thank you so much Milena for all your travel tips!

Images of Designer courtesy of Milena Silvano

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