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New Arrivals: Nancybird


We're super excited to showcase the new collection from well-loved Melbourne label Nancybird. We're proud to be the first online boutique in the US to offer the beautiful creations by Emily Wright. And since we're in opposite seasons, we have access to her new and vintage range that are versatile and perfect for all seasons. Her new collection was influenced by Australia's most treasured artists from the early 20th century-expressionists, modernists and print makers such as Grace Cossington Smith, Ethel Spowers and Margaret Preston. The colors and shapes of these stunning pieces are inspired by the great changes, new architecture and landscape from this time period.  Featuring different sizes and pretty colors, I'm loving every piece that we have in our shop. Whether you're shopping at your local farmer's market with this tote bag, hitting the next music festival with her crossbody bags, attending a wedding with the Angle Clutch or traveling with her popular Scarf Bag in tow, these beautiful grab-and-go pieces are perfect for all occasions for the warm months ahead. And I'm absolutely enamored with this clutch for the playful colors and pattern.

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Images courtesy of Nancybird

Fashion Love: Pomandere


Pomandere Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Yes another fashion pick, this time we're off to discovering designs from a favorite place of mine, bella Italia! Beautiful, feminine and comfortable with an air of effortless appeal...all come to mind when it comes to the new collection by Italian label Pomandere. I'm drawn to their Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook not just for the clothing but for the setting...oh Venezia at night, away from the throngs of tourist in the day. Walking through the back streets along the canals, there's just something mystical and endearing about Venice when the sun sets.

Images from Pomandere

It's Springtime!


Happy first day of Spring!Feeling more like summer here but just wanted to share some of my favorite images of blooming flowers. Love all the colors! Enjoy little arrangement of flowers or succulents showcased in a hanging plant holder like one of Shino Takeda's hanging vase or Cold Picnic's hanging terrarium.

Designer Interview Part I: Milena Silvano


We're thrilled to get to know the Italian-born UK-based textile and clothing designer Milena Silvano. After her training in textile and fashion design, she worked  for a variety of brands such as Romeo Gigli, Costume National in Milan and Jessican Ogden in London amongst others. She also freelanced as a stylist before establishing her eponymous label in 2010. I've been a fan of Milena-not just for the beautiful textile garments and accessories that she creates, but for her design philosophy and process. We are proud to showcase her beautiful and seasonless scarves/wraps in our shop.

How would you describe your design approach and creative process- from design, inspiration, to creation of each collection?
I work on fabrics, patterns and toiles pretty much the same, as I think one thing informs the other, while also experimenting with colour combinations and dyes/print. It all comes together in the end, but I don’t like sketching my ideas (as I have a terrible fear of losing the feeling of something if I put it onto paper) so my head and my collection folder are in an ‘organized mess’ until the very last minute.

What are your current projects or collection?
I am working on a new collection for AW13, on SS13 production, and on a fanzine project.

I love textiles! How did you get started in textile and garment design?
I have always been into textures and making things and little dresses for my dolls. As a kid my imagination was caught by Italian designer Romeo Gigli, and by the imagery he was creating with photographer Paolo Roversi. They were challenging the in-your-face mainstream fashion of the 80’s with delicate and androgynous silhouettes and lush fabrics. My first job in fashion ended up being at Romeo Gigli’s, and that’s where I started learning about textiles in-depth.
Designs by Romeo Gigli
How has your designs changed and evolved since you started?
I don’t know that my designs have changed much, but definitely the process has.I used to sketch ideas down. I now prefer to mock up with my hands, as I feel that this process offers, at least for me, a more holistic approach to the design process. I have a phobia of clothing and textiles that look like they have been developed from an illustration. I try as much as possible to have a hands-on, instinctive approach to making garments.

Running a business requires a lot of time and passion for what you do-on your down time, what are your other interests, passions or activities that you enjoy?
Unfortunately I don’t have that much time to nurture activities outside my work (apart for yoga, which I couldn't live without!). For this reason, I try for my business to be part of my life in an inspiring and constructive way... whenever possible. Each season I'll use the collection as an opportunity to learn new skills and make new experiences. Hence my exploration of plant dyes, working with clay, and hand weaving. 

I find inspiration at home and places I’ve visited. Where do you find inspiration or how does your home or places you’ve traveled to influence your design?
It’s hard to pinpoint. I think that if you are creative person, inspiration becomes a byproduct of everyday life. 

Part of the creation of your designs involves working with other artisans and communities abroad. What do you love most about this process?
I love working with Indian artisans for their eclectic skills! I must admit that I've had to become a bit fatalist with the results I get, but when the magic happens it is so rewarding. I get genuine feelings of gratitude for the universe when a work relationship is successful.
Milena at Jaipur

I know it’s so hard to choose, but what are some of your favorite pieces from your collection?
I am really into the block printed bandanna scarves and dresses from ss13, I can’t wait for summer to wear them. I did a mockup of the block printed scarf while I was in Jaipur but left my printers to develop the grey dabu print (mud resist), and I am really happy with how it turned out.

Milena Silvano Spring/Summer 2013 Collection
What is your personal style or aesthetic? What are some of favorite your pieces, items you collect for you or your home?
I started collecting succulent plants when I visited Berkeley in 2010 and I came home with a string of pearl cutting. Since then, I can’t pass by a succulent plant without taking a piece home with me!


It's been so inspiring to get to know another talented designer and maker. I have so much appreciation for the hands on and down-to-earth approach that Milena applies in creating such timeless and beautiful pieces. Thank you so much Milena for sharing!And I love surrounding our place with succulents too. Stay tune for Part II, as Milena shares her travel tips for her native country (and one of my favorite place in the world!) Italy and of course England!

Images Courtesy of Milena Silvano

Restocked: Studiopatro Tea Towels and Aprons


Just in!We've restocked the popular and oh so functional tea towels and aprons by Studiopatro!Whether you like to follow recipes or experiment, these are such great pieces to add to your collection of kitchen must-haves. Well in my case, I'm one of those cooks that prefers to throw things together...and somehow it turns out okay, that's when I actually cook.  I admit, I love to have someone else whip out meals for me!Yum!

New Arrivals: Introducing Alchemy


All the way from Australia, we're delighted to introduce the diverse collection of jewelry from Alchemy,designed and handmade by Belinda Evans. Drawing from her background in environmental sustainability and inspired by her surroundings, Belinda explores high quality sustainable materials by incorporating both natural and vintage elements in her beautiful creations. I love the variety of materials she uses in her designs. Whether utilizing ceramics, wood or textiles, she makes stunning pieces that are standouts for their forms, colors and craftsmanship. Lovingly handmade, Belinda is involved in every step of the process, as she collects the materials, hand cuts the pieces, finishes the wood and hand knits the necklaces. And she also creates aromatherapy products as part of her line. Truly an inspiring lady! So whether you're drawn to the simple natural designs or the colorful statement pieces, her creations will become part of your treasured collection of lovely and inspiring pieces. 

Top 2 product images:beautiful styling and photo by Belinda Evans
Designer Photo by Olga Bennett

A Bag and an Outfit: Chambray Inspiration


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Coachella Valley

Given a few bags in our collection (ok admit it!), some of us tend to choose our bag base on our outfit or occasion. And that's a fact that leaves most males in awe and questioning this frequent occurrence that happens in the universe. The bags in our shop are meant to be out of their dust bags and used in our daily trek or weekend adventures. There are plenty of chambray outfit inspiration floating around Pinterest lately that it's time to develop a styling board base on a bag. Our recently added Erin Templeton's Good Girl Bag,easily adjustable and lightweight, is a perfect example of a well-crafted utilitarian bag that can accompany you while running errands or traveling.  After being in Desert Hot Springs recently at our favorite place, this outfit maybe perfect even for  an outdoor concert...a possible Coachella outfit maybe? Some pieces just go together and this bag can be worn with a chambray shirt over a white tank. It's all about layers in the desert, because it can be hot or cold (and windy especially in this area!). Depending on how hot it is that weekend, you can also wear your favorite jean shorts, white jeans or a pair of sandals-the classic Saltwater sandals are my favorite!

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