Summer Editorial

Destination: Coachella Valley


Love to dip in the mineral pool
A road runner hangin' out
Amazing Sunset

We headed to Coachella Valley, nope, not for the famous  music festival this past weekend, but for some much needed R&R as we finalize our site.While Desert Hot Springs does not have the same tourist appeal or pomp and circumstance as Palm Springs or it's neighboring communities, the draw in this primarily residential town is its therapeutic waters (my skin feels so soft!).

With triple digits temperature and the typical gush of wind in this part of town, I'd much rather be lounging in the mineral pool of this little cozy hidden gem. Throw in some vintage/antique furnishings, full kitchen (for a lot of the "snow birds" that come down here), oh and did I mention  the Tempur-pedic beds? This is our fave go to place for some quiet down time (don't mind the rattling windows when it's windy) and to get away from the marine layer of SD.

When one hears "road runner", the Looney Tunes character  usually comes to mind. It was great to  see a real life road runner frequenting this place (and I managed to take a picture without some Wile E. Coyote move).  And they actually wag their tails like a dog.

Well, even though we didn't go to the concerts, I love the Spring/Summer 12 collection by Comptoir des Cotonniers, inspired by the desert and perfect for Coachella or any festival this summer.



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