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Art by Jessica Bell


I came across Canadian artist Jessica Bell's work via Pinterest and was instantly drawn to her use of colors and  geometric forms. She integrates different media from textiles, paint to paper to create a diverse body of work. The textures and materials used bring both a visual and tactile experience. My favorites though are her collage-like pastel creations.

All images from Jessica Bell

Ellen Truijen Interview Part 2: Travel Tips from Ellen


Ellen at her brandstore opening
It's still summer here at home and given the unbearable heat, I'm definitely dreaming of a fall getaway. And what better time to share part 2 of our interview with shop fave bag designer, Ellen Truijen. While most people visit the big city in the west, I was excited to get some travel tips for Ellen's hometown of Maastricht in southern Netherlands.  Plus she just recently opened her brand store in the city featuring her beautiful collection as well as products from some of her favorite brands.

Ellen Truijen Brand Store

Ellen Truijen Fall Collection

You are currently based in Maastricht Netherlands. What are "must see" things or "must do" for those visiting your hometown or southern Netherlands?
Maastricht is not that big, so stroll around the city, visit the little streets or public squares, drink tea in a cafe or enjoy a glass of wine on a terrace in the sun.

Sint-Servaasbrug-oldest bridge in Holland
What are off the beaten path local hangouts? Favorite neighborhoods, parks, etc.?  
The Jekerkwartier, a neighborhood with small little shops and nice bars.
The little streets in between the Vrijthof are also worth a visit or Wyck, the area
behind the old bridge.
Favorite places to shop: boutiques or outdoor markets:
From the same owners, there are Traders Pop, Muchachas and Kinsjasa. Traders Pop has both men and women's clothes, second-hand, books and magazines. Muchachas is for the ladies, with nice brands such as A.PC., Monique van Heist (a Dutch designer) and Isabel Marant. Kinsjasa is shoe heaven where I bought my favorite K. Jacques sandals last summer.

I also recommend Festen, this funny store that has a lot of accessories, home stuff, gadgets and more. It's perfect place to find a present. And there is Conflict store, which is focused more on (Dutch) design, lamps and home goods.

Traders Pop
Favorite places to eat or type of food:
I love to go to Cafe Sjiek, it's low key and cozy with good food.
For lunch I go to Take Five bar, with the best club sandwich in town. 
Easy day trips from Maastricht-cool places to see right outside the city:
Liege is a nice city to visit and just a 20 minute drive from Maastricht. And visit their really cool station as well.
Liege-Guillemins Station by Catalan architect Santiago Calatrava

Favorite local designers or makers: 
Lena Berens is one of my favorite local designers. She makes beautiful, simple clothes, in neutral colors and shapes.
I know you’ve traveled to many places, any suggestions? What are some of your favorite places you’ve visited? Where would you like to travel next? 
I really enjoyed visiting Berlin and Copenhagen and would love to go to New York!
Copenhagen via

Thank you so much Ellen for sharing a little piece of your hometown! I really enjoyed learning about about your city rich in history (one of the oldest in Holland) as well as its significance in modern times (Maastricht Treaty). It's definitely on my growing list of top places to visit!Hope to travel there soon. 

Lookbook and brandstore photos from Ellen Truijen

Fashion Love: Diarte


Although it feels anything but fall here at home and definitely not sweater weather, I'm still coveting the new collection by Spanish label Diarte.  Founded in 2010 by designer Ana Diarete, the line is known for its elevated knits (with beautiful textures and prints!), quality materials and clean tailoring.  Committed to sustainability and local production, the entire collection is designed and produced in Spain using natural fibers.

Lookbook Photos via Diarte

Studio/Home Visit: Chris Earl


We're proud to showcase the amazing work of LA-based furniture designer Chris Earl this season.  As a woodworker, ceramicist and chef, Chris is truly a modern renaissance man. Raised in Papua, New Guinea, he believes that creating objects is about fulfilling a purpose, creating story, and building community. He builds beautiful furniture and wares that are contemporary yet timeless, featuring craftsmanship that is meant to last. And I love that he also created a special Framework collection just for kids!
from his Framework Collection

 It's been long overdue, so I'm thrilled to share my studio/home visit with the designer.  Growing up in LA and living in different parts including the "valley" (San Fernando Valley!), it's great to learn that his studio/home was right in the North Hollywood area. Having dabbled in woodwork myself (ok maybe just a one day spoon-making class), I have so much respect and appreciation for the craft and process. It's always humbling and enlightening to see a maker's studio and seeing where the action happens-the combination of tools (from band saw to sander), skills and intuitive process to create such functional beauties we can use in our daily lives.

To get to his back studio, one is welcomed into Chris and his wife Amber's beautiful home (yup, it's only been featured in Apartment Therapy, Anthology Magazine and Design Sponge). Equipped with their unique design vision, woodworking skills and hard work, they've transformed Chris' grandparents home while paying homage to the past by maintaining the character of the original home.  Chris and Amber's home is a fusion of their style blending the old and the new. They're not afraid to mix pieces combining modern, vintage pieces, travel finds and Chris' handcrafted furniture. The home truly reflects their personalities and what they value- family history, connecting with friends, love of gardening and cooking. Yes it has elegant design elements , but somehow they've achieved a cozy comfy space that has such warmth and charm, truly meant to be lived in.  And did I mention the beautiful landscape? Their commitment to thoughtful design continues onto the outdoor space that is ideal for entertaining (they enjoy hosting dinner parties!).

His use of different design elements translates to his creations as well. Integrating metal (brass!) into his woodwork is brilliant adding just the right amount of clean textured detail. We're delighted to introduce his amazing wooden boards in our shop this season. These pieces are even better in person for the quality and craftsmanship. They're essential wares that are great accents but are meant to be enjoyed and used for many years.

Thank you so much Amber and Chris for welcoming me into your beautiful home/studio. Truly inspiring! Hope to try your cooking soon!

Collection Pictures from Chris Earl

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