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Richmond: Travel Tips from Christine Young of Young Frankk


I'm delighted to present part 2 of our interview with Richmond-based jewelry designer Christine Young of Young Frankk. As one of America's oldest cities, Richmond boasts a wonderful combination of history, creative energy and natural beauty. From her favorite food places, local haunts and beloved design community, Christine gives us a peek of this beautiful historic town she now calls home.

Young Frankk's Richmond Studio
Vuela X Young Frankk Necklace

You are currently based in Richmond, Virginia. What is your favorite thing about living in Richmond? How has your city influence your designs?
Richmond is such a cool city to live in. There's always something to do, the cost of living is cheap, the people are so friendly and fun and it has a great art and design community. I have so many talented friends here who also have their own businesses and seeing their work is definitely inspiring and motivating. 

What are "must see" things or "must do" for those visiting your hometown?
Probably the first place people will say to check out is Belle Isle or the James River. You can hike along it, swim or there's even a natural rock climbing wall to climb. Carytown is a cute little shopping area with boutiques, restaurants and bars that is all very walkable. The Byrd Theatre is also in Carytown and I like to go there because they play $2 movies every night in a very historical grand theatre. VMFA is a great art museum in the Fan district with great special exhibitions that come thru with fun wine nights on Thursday and Friday nights. And I would also recommend driving down Monument Avenue to see beautiful and historic homes and statues. 

Virgina Museum of Fine Arts image via

What are off the beaten path local hangouts? Favorite neighborhoods, parks, etc.? 
Maymont Park is a huge beautiful park to check out with a wildlife rehabilitation center, a children's farm and different themed gardens. But my personal favorite park is Libby Hill Park in the Church Hill neighborhood, its not expansive but you can get a really great view overlooking Richmond and the James River so it's really serene to sit and enjoy the view. Richmond also has a huge music scene, so theres shows happening all the time either at local venues or house shows. 

Favorite places to shop: boutiques or outdoor markets:
I love to check out what my friend Kate has in store at her shop Na Nin, she carries the most beautiful handmade clothing, objects and apothecary made by independent designers. And of course there is Need Supply, which has a huge following and a constant flow of great selections. I am so grateful to have both awesome shops in Richmond carry Young Frankk! Another great boutique is Verdalina, which has a great curation of my favorite designers. Other than clothing, I also love checking out the vintage and thrift stores around town for home stuff, my favorite one is probably Verve which is a huge warehouse filled with awesome vintage home furnishings. Once in a while there'll be the Well Worn Markets which showcases local makers and designers plus vintage finds so it's fun to go and see what everyone is creating and doing around town.

Na Nin
Favorite places to eat or type of food: 
There's so many great new restaurant and bars constantly popping up in Richmond, some of my recent favorites are: Dog and Pig Show, Saison, Proper Pie, Sabai, Sub Rosa Bakery and Pasture. Then there are old favorites such as 8 1/2, Helen's, Mamma Zu, Lamplighter, The Magpie and Can Can and so many more!
Metzger / Stella's / Sub Rosa Bakery / VMFA Cafe / The Dog and Pig Show

Best mode of transportation to get around the city:
Richmond is definitely known for its bike community, people love to bike here. But other than that, driving is great because you can pretty much get anywhere you need to go within 10 minutes.

Easy day trips from Richmond-cool places to see right outside the city: 
Skyline Drive is a great scenic route to take to see beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I like to go there to do some hiking and joyriding. Charlottesville is the next city over where I like to go for some good food and a change of scenery, its a really cute and beautiful town surrounded by historical buildings and vineyards. Then only 2 hours away is DC, where of course is great food, shopping, museums and shows. 

Thomas Jeffereson's home: Monticello in Charlottesville image via
Favorite local designers or makers: 
Favorite local designers and makers in Richmond are Na Nin, GiantLION, Emimade Ceramics, Colo Palo and Campfire & Co. 
Lookbook Photo from Giant Lion Jewelry

Lookbook Photo from Calo Palo
For the wanderlust in all of us, what are some of your favorite places to visit? Where would you like to travel next?
I love to visit Korea and on my bucket list to travel to is: Greece, India, Africa and Iceland! 

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Personal photos courtesy of Young Frankk

Thanks so much Christine for giving us a glimpse of the wonderful city of Richmond! I'm so happy to share this travel guide to one of our historic cities in the US. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your favorite places and these lovely images. Thank you!

Summer Photo Journal: Collaboration with Window Of Imagination


We're thrilled to present our summer photo-journal in collaboration with the sweet and talented Jen Szeto of Window of Imagination. Whether you're waiting for your next getaway or wandering around your favorite spot, we've showcased beautiful pieces that can hang with you this summer no matter where your travels take you. Here's to the wanderlust in you!

We love a versatile dress that can be dressed up or down like our Hackwith Design X Vuela dress and Ilana Kohn's Amira dress. And of course for hands free flexibility while exploring your favorite destination, we have the Month of Sunday backpack or a cross body option like the Kuppers & Wuytens Lies Bag. A perfect layering piece like a Ma Poesie scarf or Milena Silvano poncho is essential for those breezy summer nights.

Shop other essential pieces shown for you and your home: Ursa Minor Tank Top / WKNDLA necklace / Young Frankk X Vuela necklace / Ellen Truijen Wallet / Trollhagen Vase


Model: Jen Szeto
Location: Oakland Museum
Thank you so much Jen for your help in styling and showcasing our pieces! What a wonderful day collaborating and doing the photo shoot with ya. Truly appreciate it!

Art by Silke Bonde


It's been a while since we featured art. But when I came across the work of Copenhagen-based designer and artist Silke Bonde, I couldn't resist sharing these beautiful prints of her work in watercolor.  Her art focuses on themes of nature and simplicity and features a monochromatic palette of blue/green tones, as well as organic forms in this medium. Plus her work is showcased through the lovely photography and styling by Studio Oink. I want every single piece in her collection but my favorite is the world map print for the wanderlust in me and is currently on my coveted art board.

Photos from Silke Bonde
Photography and Styling: Studio Oink

Interview Part 1: Christine Young of Young Frankk Jewelry


We're thrilled to present our next interview with Richmond-based jewelry designer Christine Young of Young Frankk jewelry. As a graduate of Parsons School of Design for Illustration, Christine launched her jewelry line in 2012. We've carried Young Frankk jewelry early on and have always been in awe of the fresh collection Christine produced each season. Featuring clean lines and sculptural shapes, her collection mixes subtle minimalist pieces with simple statement making design that's easy to wear. The modern versatility yet timeless aesthetic of her designs make them a go-to jewelry for any ensemble. I always find myself reaching for one of her pieces. Our recent collaboration piece reflects the beautiful simplicity in her designs: a simple elegant everyday necklace

Young Frankk X Vuela Necklace

The Young Frankk line of jewelry has always been a shop fave.  How would you describe your design approach and creative process- from design, inspiration and the formation of each collection?
Thank you so much! Well, my design process always starts with a sketch. Sometimes I'll play off of a design idea or shape from a previous collection by reinterpreting it. Or I'll completely change the direction by experimenting with a new element whether its a new technique or material.

Your background is in art. How did you get started in jewelry design?
After art school, I really wanted a new creative outlet besides drawing or painting and jewelry seemed like the perfect way to work with my hands while learning a new skill and craft. I fell in love with jewelry making as it was new way to translate my line work onto metal. 

Your line has a cohesive modern minimalist aesthetic, yet each season's collection is fresh and distinctive. How has your designs changed or evolved?
That is my main goal with every new collection: to stay fresh and distinctive. I am motivated by straying away from obvious trends and so I challenge myself to be as creative or original as I can. I think with each collection its been a natural evolution of experimenting with something new, as a result something different is created.

Young Frankk New Collection
What's next for your collection or any new projects?
I do have some new projects in mind that I've been thinking about a lot for quite some time but I just need to find the time to finally work on them! But hopefully I will be coming out with them this summer. 

There are many accessories to complete an ensemble. What is your favorite thing about creating jewelry?
I love that jewelry can completely change the feeling or look of an outfit, it can go from casual to interesting even if it's a subtle earring or a bold statement necklace. 

I know it’s so hard to choose, but what are some of your favorite pieces from your collection?
My favorite pieces from the spring collection is the Archway Necklace for sure, something about it, I just really love. And my other necklace favorite is the Balance Necklace, I love that the chain goes thru the circle of the pendant. My favorite earrings are the Plate Studs and the Dot Ring Studs and then my favorite ring would be the Shield Ring. 

Running a business requires a lot of time and passion for what you do- on your down time, what are your other interests, passions or activities that you enjoy?
Definitely, my business is my number one passion and interest, I feel truly blessed and lucky I do what I enjoy so I do not take it for granted, I am so appreciative of all my customers and supporters such as you!

On my down time, I really like to go on Craigslist or to go thrift stores and buy things really cheap for the home and repurpose it with some paint and cleaning. I also do yoga for exercise, I love to go camping and canoeing but most of all, I love spending time and laughing with my family and the people that I love. 

Fun facts about you. Secret talents? Any irks and quirks you'd like to share? 
I can play the intro to K-Ci & Jojo's All my Life on the piano. I am a huge scary movie fan! I'm always in the mood to watch a good scary movie or thriller. I love rainy days, growing up in Washington State has made me appreciate nature and a good rainfall. I also really really love clouds, they are so beautiful. I love taking pictures of clouds especially at sunset when the colors are unreal! 

What is your personal style or aesthetic? 
My personal style is very laid back and minimal. The number one thing that dictates my style is comfort level, I must be comfortable! 

What are some of your favorite pieces and items you collect for you or your home?
I love collecting mirrors for the home, I especially love huge frameless mirrors to lean against walls or round mirrors. I just love how they instantly open up a small space and make it brighter. 


Thank you so much Christine for taking the time to share  your creative process and personal side! I really enjoyed getting to know you. And of course, this new collection is amazing and it's always so hard to choose from your designs. You're truly one inspiring lady that embraces the joys of life whether it's doing what you love or spending time with family and friends. 

Lookout for Part 2 of the interview with travel tips to Christine's town of Richmond, Virgina.

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Lookbook and personal images from Young Frankk

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