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Designers Talk Love on Valentine's Day



Happy Valentine's Day! We're so happy to work with so many talented designers who are passionate and craft the most beautiful pieces to share with all of us. In the midst of their busy schedule creating such lovely products,they somehow manage to balance work, love and family. I had the pleasure of asking some of our designers about love and their favorite way to spend time with their loved ones.

John and Arounna via

Love is...respect, support and patience.

A favorite date night is one spent with just the two of us (no kids) and a quiet meal at our favorite restaurant. We currently love going to Hapa Izakaya on College Street in Toronto.

Peter, Pheobe and their dog Philipp

Cold Picnic

Love is.... our dog Philip-the first dog either of us have ever had. We're a little obsessed with him! But he's a good example of love, because he loves us unconditionally and sets a good example to follow.
A favorite Valentine's Day date...this memory is bittersweet, because it involves our favorite restaurant, Taiwan Cafe, which is over 200 miles away in Boston. One year we went and ordered every single one of our favorite dishes - spicy beef and long horned peppers, spicy salty calamari and a bunch more. Not very romantic, since we ate so much we could barely move or speak. But memorable, and definitely a favorite.


Rob and Ellen Truijen
 Ellen Truijen
Love.... cannot be expressed in words... : )

My favorite date night with Rob would be the two of us, no kids...a relaxed dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, riding our bikes through the city, then seeing if we might pop into a pub and finishing up with a beautiful whiskey. 


Victoria Bekerman
 Love is... freeing. The greatest feeling is when you find that person that accepts and loves you the way you are. The funny part is that it makes you feel so free that you don't want to go anywhere else...and you just want to stay next to that person!

My favorite moments are those that feel very intimate and personal. It could be just a conversation,  peeking at the way my husband looks at me or walking next to him with both our hands in his jacket on a cold day. Those little little moments make me very happy!


Thank you so much to our wonderful designers who graciously shared about love and their favorite moments with their special someone. As a true romantic myself, I am inspired by love stories. As my motto goes: "Love Life....Live to Love!" On that note, I wish you all the love today and everyday. 

{Images courtesy of the designers}


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