Summer Editorial

Wedding Essentials: An Attendee's Perspective


Although I can write about essentials as a bridesmaid, having not 27 dresses like the movie....but 7 dresses, including a funny "movie-like" moment when one dress got ripped in half while I was seated at the backseat of a car when my dress train got caught on the back wheel. Yikes!

After being invited to back to back weddings this summer, there were definitely "must-have" essentials I needed from an attendee's perspective. Okay besides having a date of course, standout jewelry pieces, a nice dress, comfy shoes (I admit I've compromised on this for the cute factor), these are essential accessories that complete the look while serving a function.

A neutral or bold colored clutch is an essential piece for the things we need- a stash of cash for tipping the bartender, our favorite lipstick and powder or  a camera for those not be missed moments. While it may be blazing hot during the ceremony whether outdoors or in the church, I'm always freezing at the reception at times, so I always like to carry a shawl/scarf that I can just throw on.
1) Erin Templeton  Half Moon Clutch 2)Manufacture des rigoles Red Suede Pochette
3)Nancybird Feathers Long Scarf 4) Nancybird Metallic Sun Orchid Square Scarf.


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