Summer Editorial

LA Visit: Parachute Market


B-Zippy Design

Brendan Ravenhill Light Fixtures


Agnes Baddoo


Lisa and Kagan of Knotworks LA

Twenty Two Hours Jewelry

Silvia Song

It's always nice to go home especially to see the ever changing neighborhoods around my hometown of LA. It was great to check out this spring's Parachute Market -a seasonal design fair held at the LA Arts District. It was great to explore the new designs and catch up with one of our designers Bari. She was showcasing some of her gorgeous new creations including vases and lamps from her B-Zippy line. Whether jewelry,textiles or homewares, it was a great opportunity to meet the makers and discover some new finds for our Vuela shop. I've been wanting to add some wooden pieces to our shop and love these wooden bowls by Silvia Song. And there are the lovely wooden utensils, rattles and other sculptural pieces by my favorite teachers, Lisa and Kagan of Knotworks LA. It was definitely a workout making some wooden spoons (sanding away!). I have a deep appreciation for the craft especially after taking their one day spoon making workshop. What a treat to chat and explore the designs by such talented makers. I love how this city has grown to be a hub for such creative talents and artisans.


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